Latest version: 2.1.2 02/02/12. Free, English (multi language), size: 4.4 MB. Trusted of Open Source

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Ares review:
Ares is a free to use open source file sharing program that makes it simple for everyone to share any type of file (from music to programs) with other people with ease and free. Ares offers a peer to peer network. Besides the file sharing Ares offers many other features making it stand out compared to other programs.

Very fast downloads:
Ares reaches high speeds while downloading due to the wide searches it makes even after the download started. In addition Ares doesn’t suffer from port blocking (unlike most P2P file sharing programs) and by thus further enhancing the download speed.

Video/Audio player:
One of the most useful and interesting features of the player is that it provides you with an opportunity to play a file while a download is still in progress which can save you a lot of time of waiting for the download to finish.

The chat option in Ares is very user-friendly providing an easy chat creating options also helpful and active chat rooms provide a great environment.

The download library is very handy especially when you have many files in it. You just type the start of the name in the search and it finds it for you with ease.

Open – source
Open – source means that the programs’ code is available to all which offers an opportunity for programmers to create their own features and for non-programmers to enjoy features created by others.